What We’re Doing | Marketing and Technology

At COE Distributing we pride ourselves on forward thinking when it comes to furniture and design. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, COE Distributing Chairman and CEO J.D. Ewing encouraged COE’s marketing team to pivot their thought process and promote work-from-home solutions right away.  The COE team looked at the massive shift in the economy and our world and resolved to be unstoppable in the face of change. This type of thought process and determination expands into other areas of our business  as well.  We  have our sights set on improving our marketing and technology to keep up with the latest trends. We’ve been working on exciting enhancements, some of which have already been implemented and others that are coming soon. Continue reading to learn more about our digital brochures, social media efforts and new website.

Digital Catalogs

Our digital catalogs are a high-quality, full-color digital file featuring all of our products. We’ve released new catalogs to keep up with demand for social distancing in the office, working from home and more.  Digital catalogs are easily shareable with your customers. From emails to touchscreens, there are multiple ways that the eCatalogs can be used to reach customers.

Social Media

We are committed to increasing our presence, brand recognition and engagement for both COE and OfficeSource brands on social media. On our COE Facebook and LinkedIn pages you will find great content about our company and employees as well as exciting announcements about what we have going on. You can follow our OfficeSource pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. On these pages you will get some great design ideas using our own brand of furniture, inspirational quotes, and of funny work memes. Be sure to check out our pages and follow us today so you don’t miss out!

New Website Launch Summer 2021

Our dealer portal on COEDistributing.com will be launching as an e-commerce website. In addition to being able to purchase directly from the website, you will also have access to our enhanced image library and enjoy a better overall user experience. We listened to your feedback and also solved for one of the most expressed pain points…needing two logins. On our new site, you will be able to login once to access marketing tools and place your orders. We’ve invested in making these enhancements in order to provide a simpler and more streamlined experience for our dealers. Be on the lookout for these changes to launch this Summer!


We hope you find these digital enhancements beneficial to your business, and we will continue to evolve to keep up with technology and this ever-changing industry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.