Sanitizing Beyond COVID and Why It’s Important

During the COVID pandemic, we didn’t see as many cases of the common cold. Hygiene was at an all-time high between social distancing, disinfecting, handwashing and people generally staying home. Trying to find hand sanitizer at the start of the pandemic became a challenge.  So much so that you saw distilleries pivot to create hand sanitizer to keep up with demand. (We love seeing other companies innovate too!) With the introduction of the COVID vaccine and cases declining in the US, people are letting up on some of these safe practices and common colds are coming back.

Why We Need to Keep Up Safe Practices Post-Covid

Even in a post-Coronavirus environment, the importance of hand sanitizer in the office, gym, hospital, classroom (etc.) is still astounding! In a 2016 research study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, objects such as office phones, water fountains, keyboards, computer mice, and elevator buttons are home to over 10 million bacteria. (That’s 400 times more germs than found on most toilet seats!)

Hand sanitizer units are an important tool to help stop the spread of germs and prevent illness and reduce the alarming rate of presenteeism (when employees come to work despite being sick and thus are not able to perform as well) in the workplace!

Making hand sanitizer easily accessible in your workplace will not only help keep your employees healthy, but also give your customers and guests peace of mind that they are in a clean environment. When a business installs a hand sanitizer station, it is telling clients and employees that “We welcome you, and we take your health and safety very seriously.”

Our OfficeSource Automatic Freestanding Sanitizer Dispenser is small, taking up just one square foot of space, so it can easily be placed where needed.  These dispensers are perfect for gyms & public spaces, classrooms & libraries, meeting & training rooms, hospitals & health facilities, entrances & exits and other high traffic areas.

These units are freestanding, which means they can easily be moved and placed where needed. There’s no need to mount them to a wall, and they are constructed with an all metal base for added stability. The 1,000ml universal fill reservoir can be refilled with your preferred liquid hand sanitizer (solution not included). Right now we are offering a promotion, so you can buy 10 and get 1 free to donate to charity. At COE, we believe in giving back, and these hand sanitizer dispensers are beneficial in helping to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding these hand sanitizer dispensers or any other needs you may have that COE Distributing can help with.