Paul Silbaugh – A COE WARRIOR!

Paul Silbaugh, one our PA Warehouse team members, is our most recent COE Warrior! He was given this honor because of always going above and beyond and being talented in so many areas. This honor was greatly deserved. Please continue below to see what this honor means to Paul.

What does winning the warrior helmet mean to you?

This award made me happy and feel like a hard worker.

What did you or what do you look for when it comes to choosing the next recipient?

A hard worker.

What goals do you want to achieve and how can COE help get you there?

Just continue to work with me.

What is your favorite part of our employee engagement programs at COE and why?

When we are able to see each other.

What are you most excited for when it comes to our Penguin partnership?

Go see the games.

What COE value do you think you’re the strongest in and why?

Teamwork – our team does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Share some fun facts about yourself!

I am a hard worker, funny, and get along with anyone!