Mike Benson, one of our hard-working warehouse team members from our Smock Distribution Center, was awarded the Warrior Helmet at our last ceremony. He was given the honor from his fellow teammate, Charlie Klink, who joked by saying that he was giving the helmet to “the second hardest worker in the room.” All jokes aside, Mike Benson is a strong asset to COE, who works hard for the company every single day. We took Mike away from working hard out in the warehouse for few minutes to discuss what this honor has meant to him

What does winning the warrior helmet mean to you?

Winning the Warrior Helmet meant a lot to me. I am not a person who needs personal recognition, but this recognition did feel good, and I am thankful for it.

What did you or what do you look for when it comes to choosing the next recipient?

When it comes to choosing the new recipient, I look for someone who shows pride in their work. Someone who shows up every day, willing to work and get the job done.

How has COE helped you to get where you are?

COE has always provided a good environment to be a part of every day, with lots of good opportunities. I am thankful to work for such a great company.

What goals do you want to achieve and how can COE help get you there?

My goals for myself would be to keep coming in to work every day ready to work hard. By doing so, I will be a part of helping the company grow.

What is your favorite part of our employee engagement programs at COE and why?

My favorite part of the employee engagement programs at COE are when all the team members come together. I love hearing updates on how the company is doing and just being around everyone

What are you most excited for when it comes to our Penguin partnership?

I am most excited for JD! This is a big, exciting step for the company.

What COE value do you think you’re the strongest in and why?

I believe that teamwork is the most essential core value that you can have. You cannot do anything just by yourself. You need help from others to learn and better yourself.