Even after work hours, our team members enjoy expanding their knowledge, by getting involved with different opportunities within the community. COE Distributing, along with the leaders, get involved with the community on different levels, including sitting on boards, volunteering, or attending networking events. When that same passion trickles down to the rest of the team members, a company filled with passionate employees is created.


Melissa Dyer, one of our Purchasing team members and Rising Stars has been involved with the Fayette Leaders Academy. We sat down with Melissa to learn more about the program, how it has helped her at COE, and how she has grown because of the opportunity. We also got her feedback on how the Rising Stars program at COE has helped her grow, as well as, her favorite part of our Employee Engagement Partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  

What have you learned as a member of the Fayette Leaders Academy?

In our very first session, we had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Emily Dennis as our speaker. We used the DISC Personality Test and Gallup Strengths Assessment to learn about how our strengths can influence our development at work and also how to work with different personalities effectively. In everyday situations at work, I go back to that initial session, and it proves very helpful.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned by being a member of the Academy?

I have learned to always strive to be a better version of yourself each and every day; never stop learning and growing!

What is the most enjoyable thing you have done as a member of the Academy?​

We have done so many fun activities, that encourage us to work as a team and show our strengths and assets. My favorite activity would have to be the Escape Room we attended. Working together as a team paid off – we did escape!

What have you learned the most through the Rising Stars Program?

Teamwork makes the dream work! Working with Tim, Paola, and Brittany on various projects is both rewarding and fun. A favorite opportunity of mine is the Scaling Up Book Club, where I enjoy listening to everyone’s ideas; it is amazing how one thought from one person can trigger so many good ideas within the group.

What has it meant to you being chosen for the program?

It is an honor to be a part of the Rising Stars Program and also the Fayette Leader Academy. It is truly a blessing to love coming to work every single day!

How do you feel about our Employee Engagement Partnership with the Penguins and what are you most excited for?

I think anyone could answer this one for me! I absolutely love the Penguin Partnership! I have been a Pens fan for as long as I can remember, and to me, this is the most AWESOME opportunity on the planet! I am excited for ALL of it. Looking forward to the book club, the deck hockey game, as well as everything else. I love the Warrior Helmet. After every game, I get so excited to see who the next recipient is in the Pens locker room, and to now do that here at COE, is just so much fun!

Through all of these opportunities you are a part of, what have you learned about yourself?

I have learned that there is always room to grow; the sky is the limit! Staying positive and working hard for a company that you are proud of is very rewarding