The Warrior Helmet has made its way down to our newest distribution center in Houston, TX. Dan Uber passed the helmet off to the Assistant Facility Manager, Lorenzo Caballero, who is one of the hard-working team members who took on the huge task of getting our newest facility up and running successfully. COE is certainly blessed to have so many dedicated team members at all three locations. How does Lo feel about receiving this honor? Continue reading below for his responses to some burning questions.

Fun Facts:

I enjoy cooking for family and friends. I have an awesome rescued dog named Buddy.

What does winning the warrior helmet mean to you?

It means that we are working for an organization where both the leaders and fellow colleagues acknowledge efforts of others. It reassures me that we are truly all in this together!

What did you or what do you look for when it comes to choosing the next recipient?

Drive, focus, and a positive mindset towards becoming greater.

How has COE helped you to get where you are?

I have gained a large respect for logistics and product flow. Coming here has taught me the importance of going the extra mile to ensure our end consumer is not affected negatively, but rather has a great experience.

What goals do you want to achieve and how can COE help get you there? Personal and operational growth.

Continue with book clubs that promote becoming better leaders and help in personal growth.

What is your favorite part of our employee engagement programs at COE and why?

My favorite is our book clubs. Being able to engage with our leaders and peers is rewarding.

What are you most excited for when it comes to our Penguin partnership?

It has introduced me to a sport that I have not followed much. Also, I love the idea that two organizations from two different worlds can come together as one for such a great cause.

What COE value do you think you’re the strongest in and why?

Transparency, because to me this value goes hand in hand with both honesty and trust. I believe every relationship we build needs to be built on trust and respect, and that is impossible without being truly transparent.