I feel the greatest tool that COE has given me is an opportunity. I started out as a receptionist almost 5 years ago. My manager at the time saw something in me that honestly I never saw in myself. Because of that, I was given the opportunity to take on different tasks in all aspects of accounting. It wasn’t until then, that I learned that I would best serve the company as an AR Collector, and at that point, I took it and ran with it. Here I am, almost 5 years later, sitting in my office as the AR Manager. I feel successful and I feel content.

And while my role hasn’t really changed, I am excited to continue to teach and guide the members of my team. Each day is a new experience with them. Each day is another day to learn and grow.

What I have learned over the years with the company is that our opinion matters and our opinions are valued. We are treated as equals and as a team; we are family.

The company recognizes who works by the core values that are instilled in us at COE, by implementing employee engagement programs, such as the newest one, with the Pittsburgh Penguins. These programs open employees up to several new opportunities from different areas of learning to experiences that may never have been received before. They give team members something to strive for, which is a win for all those involved.

I think my greatest strength taken from the core values is Teamwork. Even though I now have a management title, that does not mean that I am any different from any one else. It is important to me that my co-workers know, that if they need help with anything, or guidance on how to do something, that they can always depend on me to help in any way I can. We are not operating as separate departments; we are one united team, sharing and growing in five common values.

In closing, I really don’t have a specific goal for myself, but my goal for the department is to continue to drive down AR balances and to have all accounts stay within the terms of their account.

Fun facts: I have an obsessive addiction to the paranormal, spooky things and all-around creepy stuff, so obsessed that I want to retire to Salem, Mass to live amongst where the witches were back in 1693. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I absolutely adore black cats