How COE Leads with Innovation

Innovation is defined as a new idea, method, or device.

At COE Distributing, innovation is at the core of what we do. We are always working towards improving and staying relevant in this ever-changing environment.
During the past 15 months, businesses faced many challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For a company devoted to furnishing offices, the abrupt and prolonged closure of offices across the United States seemed especially daunting. Our team quickly pivoted to create COVID-19 environment products such as acrylic screens, anti-microbial seating options and other return to work safely products while continuing to strengthen our supply chain, factory partners and educate our clients on what’s happening in real time.
“We are focused on reacting quickly to market demands but also building a sustainable company that is positioned for long term growth and success for our teammates and our clients.” 
~ JD Ewing, CEO and Founder of COE Distributing
Seeing an urgent need for products to help make offices safer, COE plunged into manufacturing for the first time ever. We envisioned and created an expansive line of acrylic screens and dividers in-house, bringing the products to market within just two months under our private label, OfficeSource
OfficeSource is leading the office furniture industry by offering globally sourced best in class furniture. We source high-quality office furniture with forward-thinking, well-planned designs from around the globe. Our developers collaborate with skilled manufacturers to bring exclusive products to market, ensuring each piece meets unwavering quality standards. We’ve also produced new product lines, enabling us to nimbly adapt to rapidly changing industry conditions. While the work from home trend was a big shift in 2020, we are also adapting to provide solutions for people to get back to work and school safely with products that help with social distancing.
“Our focus is on developing items that are comfortable in both home and office spaces. Other items will continue to be focused on commercial in office use, while some will be strictly small footprint products for working from home.” 
~ Stan Idzi, Sr. VP Sales and Merchandising, COE Distributing

Getting Back to Business

It’s important for schools and offices to create a safe learning and work environment for students and employees who continue to travel to school and work. Social distancing should play a big part of this. Our selection of shields and panels can easily and quickly be added to any environment.
The OfficeSource Safeguard Barrier Collection is a complete social distancing solution. This collection features all-plastic corrugated barriers that are ideal for school desktops and educational institutions. Safeguard barriers are completely sanitizable and available in 2 styles and several sizes. 
The OfficeSource Borders II Collection is a modular desk mounted system that can be retrofitted to most OS Laminate Collection workstations in a manner that allows you to define your space the way you want. 
These solutions will help continue social distancing while returning to school and work. 

The New Corner Office (In the Home)

While some are returning to their regular office routine, there are still those that are working from home either full time or part-time as we’ve seen a trend of employers reducing their office space and only having employees come in a few days a week. We saw the need for more work from home solutions that would allow people to adapt and feel comfortable working from home.  
If you are creating an office space in your home, there is the infinite potential of a blank canvas. All you have to do is imagine… We are providing the solutions to create a comfortable environment for all spaces. 
Whether you have a dedicated room for a home office or need a small set up that can be incorporated into a shared space in your home, we’ve put together collections for every situation.
We’re proud to be an industry leader and look forward to continuing to innovate, so we can bring you the best quality furniture that will fit your needs. 
“Quality and service are two main components of COE that have always been a priority for new product development. COE was founded on excellence over 75 years ago, and we have stayed true to this notion. I believe tradition and innovation are also two key pillars that make this company special. We are deeply rooted in tradition, and yet there are things we do that are cutting edge for our industry.”
~ Melanie Ewing, CMO, COE Distributing

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