Free Website Links

If you currently have a website and would like a link that allows your customers access to one of our current catalogs, we have two websites links that can be utilized: one is our entire Catalog and the other is our OfficeSource branded product.

eOffice Furniture Buyer's Guide

Generic Office Furniture site that displays all the products in our catalog.

Forward the following URL to your webmaster to set-up.

OfficeSource Furniture

Generic OfficeSource site that displays only the OfficeSource products.

Forward the following URL to your webmaster to set-up.

Both of the website links offered below are their own stand alone sites that we update anytime changes are made to our site. If you would like to incorporate our products to directly on to your site we also offer a .CSV database file and API key that can be uploaded and connected to your e-commerce site for easy product incorporation. 

To request a CSV file or API key please submit your information using the link below. 

Other Resources

Full-Line Catalog Program

Our annual full-line catalog is filled with office furniture that is in great demand. The catalogs are proven to help promote your business. Each year we offer different catalog cover choices for you to choose from. The catalogs can be imprinted with your dealer information on them if they are ordered prior to the once per year printing. The imprint deadline is typically by the end of October for the following year. Should you miss the deadline for imprinted catalogs, we have unimprinted catalogs that you can buy. There is plenty of room on the front covers of these unimprinted catalogs to apply labels.

Marketing Materials

Image Library

Browse or download products images for use in presentations, web or printed pieces. Includes: images, specification sheets and assembly instructions.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? 
Some images may not be available on the website. Just let u know what need and we will be happy to assist.

Promotion Flyers

2 designs with 3 different options! You choose the product we will put together the flyer for you. To submit a request fill out the form in the link below. 

Take advantage of our latest promotions with FREE editable flyers. Just update with your prices and company information for custom flyers. 

Showroom Displays

Our banners are light weight and flexible and can be used in any showroom with the right hardware. Click Here to view available banner options. 

Create Custom Hangtags the OfficeSource Furniture displayed in your showroom. Make browsing easy for your customers without cluttering your showroom. 

Dealer Specials

Through-out the year we offer heavy discounts to our “Dealers Only” on various products.