After all the excitement and Congratulations were said we had a chance to sit down with Donna and asked her thoughts on receiving the honor of being Employee of the Quarter and here is what she said.

With customer satisfaction being one of COE’s core values and top priorities in the day-to-day operation, it is a true accomplishment when you are recognized for playing a significant role in helping the company grow. It isn’t just me who aides in COE’s growth, but rather every single employee in every single department. When yourself and the team around you work together and see the benefits of your hard work through growth, you feel a sense of accomplishment within yourself.

 I am truly blessed with an excellent team of Customer Care Representatives that support both me and our customers daily. And while it is an honor to be nominated and win Employee of the Quarter, knowing that the leadership team and peers have sincere appreciation for team members like myself going above and beyond each and every day, I know that my team also deserves recognition and a round of applause for all that they do as well.

However, it is an honor knowing that I am considered one of COE’s “ideal team players.” I feel that I give my all to assist every single person in my department with the training tools needed to succeed to provide our customers with the utmost service every day. It is always a great feeling knowing you are appreciated and seeing your hard work pay off in the day-to-day operation.

Working for COE, a company who encourages employee creativity, innovation and growth, it is hard not to do your best every day and have the drive to succeed. I will continue to be a strong leader and give support to both my team and all the other team members around me.