GIZA® Space Planning Assistance

Work with our team of experts to design and customize your work space for FREE!

GIZA® support & layout design is provided right here at COE Distributing as a FREE sales service for qualified projects. Ready to get started? Click below to fill out a short form to tell us more about your needs.

Please Note: In the interest of project time and space planning efficiency, COE will do a maximum of 2 design revisions or a total of 3 drawings (1-original and 2 revisions). Optional layouts of the original count in the total. Accurate measurements and a complete and accurate description of the scope of the project using the design “COE Design Request Form” as a base are the responsibility of the submitting dealer and can derail the process if not provided. All revisions beyond the 2 allotted will be billed at $60/HR net and a PO would need to be submitted prior to any work beginning.

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Free Swatches and Samples.
Call us for free wood, metal, laminate, leather, vinyl or fabric samples. We’ll ship whatever you need!

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The KITS Collaborator™

At KiSP, they create, develop and provide client-facing solutions to manufacturers, dealers, interior designers and customers in the office furniture industry. Their solutions have created revenues where they never existed, added value to the services you provide and established greater loyalty between you and your customers.

The KITS Collaborator™ – Mobile Sales Platform was developed to meet the needs of today’s office furniture sales professional. Now available for Windows 10, navigate through digital catalogs from your favorite manufacturers and instantly create compelling proposals for your customer.

Give your client a seamless experience in which all possibilities are explored in real time, visualized and summarized. Your clients can buy with more confidence – and with no surprises when everything arrives.

Compatible with Apple’s iPad, Microsoft Surface devices and laptops or desktops running Windows 10.