Becoming an A-Player

At COE Distributing, we are continuously growing. With fast and big growth, comes the need and opportunity to hire new team members. However, COE is not just interested in any new team members; we are interested in hiring A Players. So, what does being an A Player mean at COE Distributing? It means being dedicated and committed to both the company and oneself, and putting in the work each and every day that is needed to propel forward into success. An A Player is someone who is humble, hungry, and smart and someone who deeply believes in and showcases the company’s core values every single day. An A Player is someone who checks all the boxes on their specific job scorecard, but it also someone who checks the boxes for the company culture as well. With JD Ewing, President and CEO of COE Distributing, believing in the culture and showcasing the core values is something that is vital to the success of the business, and is something that he has worked hard to instill within the walls of COE.

Let’s walk through a few attributes that make someone an A Player at COE Distributing.

1. Be Humble – This means being a person who is quick to point out the contributions of his/her fellow team members; a person who doesn’t seek praise selfishly. At COE Distributing one of our core values is Teamwork! We want to hire people who believe that every single person adds value to the company, no matter what the role.

2. Be Hungry – This is a person who is always putting in effort every single day and is looking ahead at what they can work on and accomplish next. They have the more mindset; where they always want more responsibility and they want to keep learning more and as much as possible. Hungry people are self-motivated and show tremendous dedication and motivation every single day.

3. Be Smart- This is a person who has good intuition on the people around them and can work with anybody.” Someone who not only contributes to the conversation, but also sits back and listens to others. A person who is always fully engaged in any situation or discussion.

4. A Problem Solver – At COE Distributing, we want team members who are always coming up with solutions. It is one thing to bring a question or problem to the team, but it is a whole other thing to present a question or problem with ways to answer or solve them. The leadership team is always wanting to hear ideas and thoughts from the team members, so be someone who is always thinking and ready to share. Afterall, transparency and being open and honest is another core value at COE.

5. Be Engaged – Eat, live and breathe our culture and core values every single day. Be eager to participate in all employee engagement opportunities at COE, including book groups, employee of the quarter luncheons, birthday celebrations, potlucks, Warrior Helmet ceremonies, etc. Coming to work should be something to look forward to. If you are engaged every single day and believe in the culture, then you will love and have fun with what you do. Being engaged also presents opportunities to learn more and grow. At COE, we want team members who desire to gain knowledge every single day, team members who put in the work towards finishing and succeeding in all goals and dreams, and team members who are always willing to grow and step out of their comfort zone to become better than they were yesterday!

COE Distributing is a company that continues to grow and does not have any plans of slowing down anytime soon, so we are looking for new team members to join our amazing team. If you are an A Player, which is someone who is humble, hungry, smart, a problem solver, and fully engaged, then you will fit in perfectly and we want you! At COE Distributing, our leaders encourage growth and transparency and they believe that every single team member, no matter what the role is vital to the success of the company. 

Check out all our open positions at and come be a part of a fun and fully engaged team.