Andrea Jenkins, one of our Accounts Receivable Clerks, was recently awarded the Warrior Helmet. The honor was passed along to Andrea because of her dedication to the company and her department every day, and how she shows up and does her best no matter what. Thank you for your strong teamwork Andrea! Continue reading below to hear what Andrea thinks about this honor and the partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Fun Fact about Andrea

I absolutely hated math in school.

 What does winning the warrior helmet mean to you?

It means a lot to me to be recognized for just doing my job and trying my best each day.

What did you or what do you look for when it comes to choosing the next recipient?

With so many of my peers already being awarded with the helmet, it made this decision a little easier actually. I looked for someone who always shows up and does the job without question or complaint and is always willing to help no matter the issue.

How has COE helped you to get where you are?

When I made the move to the accounting department two years ago, I had a lot of self-doubt and hesitation, but now I believe that I have truly made a difference within our department. It has given me more self confidence in my abilities to do my job

What goals do you want to achieve and how can COE help get you there?

Personal and operational growth.
I am looking to expand my knowledge within the accounting department, and if the opportunity would come about for an assistant management position within AR, I would hope that I would be considered for the position.

What is your favorite part of our employee engagement programs at COE and why?

The book club that I was recently a part of has given me a more detailed look at my job from a different point of view and I found that to be interesting.
I really enjoyed the past employee engagement events that I have been apart of. While I didn’t participate this year, last year’s golf outing was super fun. It gave me, as well as others, a chance to get to know each other outside of our individual departments. We are often so busy in the office we rarely have the time to get to know our coworkers. While it is different now with COVID, I think that more events like this help us to become more connected to one another.

What are you most excited for when it comes to our Penguin partnership?

I think its awesome that a small town, locally owned business has been given this opportunity to be partners with the Pens.

With this partnership, I was able to participate in book clubs with individuals that otherwise I would have never been able to work with. Hearing their stories of all the things that they are able to experience and pass on that same pens experience to their fans around the world.

That along with the discount tickets is an extra bonus, if we can ever get back into large groups again.

What COE value do you think you’re the strongest in and why?

For me, now more than ever, it would be teamwork. It is amazing to me the job that our team has been able to do through this pandemic, not only that, but doing so being down a full-time position since March. I believe that my coworkers would agree that we have all stepped in and stepped up in many ways to ensure that we get the job done. While some days were tough, we were tougher and our numbers prove just that.