5 Tips to Designing a Safe In-Person Meeting

In today’s hybrid work environments, we are seeing some companies who choose to continue with all remote work and meetings. There are also companies that are having their employees return to the office full time and some who are just having people come into the office for team meetings. Face to face interaction is irreplaceable, and it’s always important for companies to keep the health and wellbeing of their employees in mind when hosting and in-person meeting.

That’s why we’ve put together these 5 tips for designing a safe in-person meeting space.

1. Take a ‘Sanitized’ Seat

Make sure meeting rooms are set up with seating that is easy to clean. This way, seats can easily be wiped down and sanitized between meetings and employees will feel comfortable walking into a meeting and claiming a seat safely. OfficeSource offers a wide variety of vinyl seating so you can easily wipe down and sanitize your chairs in between meetings.

2. Adjust For Headcount

Furniture that is easy to move is also a big plus so employees can distance themselves, according to CDC guidelines. Each meeting may have a different number of people in attendance, so filling your meeting space with easily movable furniture is a big plus for making people comfortable. The Julep Collection from OfficeSource features easy to move seating with antimicrobial fabric options that are also easy to clean. Win Win!

3. Keep Guests Charged

How many times have you been in a meeting and everyone tries to plug in their devices only to find there aren’t enough charging stations? Or, everyone has to huddle around the one charging station in the room? To avoid clustering and allow everyone to keep a safe distance, set up multiple charging stations throughout the space. OfficeSource offers a variety of Power Modules that can be easily incorporated into any space.

4. Stage Your Space

While it’s important to have a clean and sanitized meeting space, that doesn’t mean it has to feel sterile. Use accent tables and greenery to fill up the space and make it feel more inviting for your employees and guests. The OfficeSource Posey retro style tables will add a feeling of nostalgia to your office. Even better, they are durable and easy to clean. Pair them with some greenery to really liven up the space.

5. Easy Clean Up

Whether you have a dedicated meeting space or need to create an impromptu one in your office, you’ll want to have furniture that’s easy to clean up and store. The OfficeSource Blow Molded Folding Tables come in several sizes and shapes so you can find the best ones to fit your space. When the meeting is over, simply wipe them down, fold them and store them.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Your customers and employees will appreciate the thoughtfulness that you’ve put into your space and are sure to feel a sense of relief and comfort when they show up to your meetings. At COE, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of these changing times and helping others adapt to a new normal. If there’s ever anything you need or feedback you have, feel free to contact us any time.