SKU: PGT2448
OfficeSource Variant Collection Rectangular Glass Top
List Price: $809.00

OfficeSource Conference/Multi-Purpose Tables 36'' Square Butcher Block Top - Requires Base
List Price: $998.00

OfficeSource Wobble Board Wobble Balance Board
List Price: $308.00

OfficeSource Jiffy Collection Children's Chair with White Frame and Footring
List Price: $636.00



Our driver James was great! He was very pleasant and helpful and just a great representation of COE and did a super job getting the product there, actually a little early, which turned out perfect!

Jennifer Pletcher was my initial contact and very helpful and prompt in answering my questions. All the people behind the scenes that made everything happen so promptly, efficiently and accurately. 

Y’all have been a joy to work with – super proactive, responsive, and communicative, and wonderfully kind to me, and I have so many other wonderful things to say about you. 

Great job to everyone on your team – you all did what you said you were going to do, and you did it well!

In my dealings with COE Distributing, there has always been a large variety of unique products. The discounting greatly helps my profit margin and the company’s speed of service is fantastic; I have always received my products in a timely manner. 

Doing business with COE is uncomplicated and fast, and my interactions with all team members and management at the company, have been pleasant.

My company truly appreciates COE as a good partner to work with, and will be working with them for years to come!

With 42 years of experience, it is not often I send notes like this one. My CSR Adrienne Sisler is one of the most professional CSR, I have ever worked with in my sales career, her pleasant and professional voice but more than that her willingness to take care of a mistake is unmatched. I want to be sure she is my contact until I finish my career.

We were not happy with our current company, and we really like working with our CSR Sarah. She is a very important part of why we want to move away from our current company and purchase more through COE.

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Susan. She has been AMAZING. She has been one of the best reps (considering all the companies we deal in). She is extremely professional, thorough, and consistent. Anytime we need help, we know she will be there to guide us through it. We are all taking a much heavier look at COE for most of our ordering needs from here on out. From all of us, keep up the great work!

Our CSR Kayla is very professional and personable and always goes the extra mile.   Kayla bent over backward to resolve an issue we had and we are so appreciative. She is by far the best customer service representative we’ve ever worked with! 

With the help of Kayla, we took care of a client from order to install in six days! This is going to turn into a great long term client because of what we did for them. It would not have happened without Kayla going the extra mile for us and our client.

Our CSR, Bethany is one of the best CSR’s we have from all of our vendors. She’s always so friendly and responds so quickly. We wish all of our reps were like her! She knows her stuff and is always so helpful.

COE had been knocking at our doors for years, but we had a different company that we had already been working with previously – it wasn’t until the other company’s selection started going downhill that we decided to give COE a shot. 

Since signing on with COE we have experienced nothing but the best, from customer service to products and speedy delivery, we are glad we took the leap and started a business relationship with them. They supply quality products and amaze us day in and day out with the speed of their delivery.

Just a note to say how much we appreciate the above and beyond support that Kayla has given us on this last order from you all.  She has worked double-time to get us the products we desperately needed and again I can’t express how much Nicole and I appreciate the way she has handled this for us.  She is “GREAT”.